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We undertake many types of alterations and repairs as part of our dry cleaning services, such as:

Re-sizing jackets or coats, new zips, invisible zips, trousers lengthen or shorten, turn ups, waist adjustments, sleeves lengthen or shorten, dress lengthen or shorten, pockets, patches, buttons moved/replaced, manufacturer finish, tapering, curtain shortening and width adjustments and much more.

Repairs such as loosing hems, open seams, loose buttons, missing buttons, are undertaken.

Alterations are also undertaken.

How long will it take?

Normally we take couple of days but we can do same day service.

What happens if I need the garment urgently?

In urgent cases a garment can be altered the same day. Just let us know your requirements when you contact us.

What are your charges?

We do not have hidden charges. We will not charge you for advice.